Why we prefer short-term rentals (aka Airbnbs) over other investments.

This emerging asset class has all of the tax benefits of traditional real estate investing with higher cash flow & return on investment.

Cash flow, tax benefits & wealth creation.

Reap the benefits of directly owning real estate without doing any of the work.

Annual ROI


Cash Flow + Appreciation + Depreciation + Debt Pay-down is a powerful formula for building wealth.

Annual Cash Flow


Earn double-digit yield on an annual basis to achieve the passive income you want.

Tax Benefits


On average, investors lower their taxes paid by 30% by owning direct real estate.

A formula for building wealth.

Investing in real estate is a powerful vehicle for building wealth and generating cash flow. Simultaneously increase your annual earnings and lower your taxable income.


Cash Flow

Debt Paydown

Tax Benefits

Who needs industry averages when you have actuals?

Our average annual revenue


Our average margin (net profit)


Our 5 Year IRRs


Our average daily rate (ADR)


We’ve done our research, and so have the experts.

Bloomberg Second Measure

Monthly indexed sales for Airbnb against select hotel chains.

iGMS ADR Growth

Buy the dip, they say. ADRs (average daily rates) continue to climb in 2022.

Statista Global STR Revenue

Global total STR revenue is predicted to reach higher than pre-pandemic heights in 2023. 

We’ve done our research, and so have the experts.

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