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Get short-term rental cash flow & real estate tax benefits without having to do any of the work yourself.

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Partner with our team of Superhosts who have over 20 years of combined experience.

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Cash Flow + Appreciation + Depreciation + Debt Pay-down is a powerful formula for building wealth.

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Earn double-digit yield on an annual basis to achieve the passive income you want.

We’re a super-stacked team of actual Superhosts.

Sief, Co-Founder

Sief is an ex-techie that was early at Facebook responsible for building the 2nd largest engineering infrastructure org. An avid real estate investor since he was 16, he went all in more than a decade ago in real estate working on over $120m worth of real estate from flipping, developing and of course, short term rentals. He leads our company’s acquisition, capital strategy, and talent infrastructure.

Sabrina, Co-Founder

Sabrina—one of the masterminds behind Superhost Labs—spearheads our operational infrastructure. She keeps us all in line when it comes to the interior design of our homes, property management infrastructure and revenue management.

Austin, Operations

While studying Real Estate & Development at UCSD, Austin began his journey into property management as he built the framework for a tech-focused LTR startup in San Diego. Austin’s passion for managing operations has evolved into his current position, where he is responsible for overseeing property management across our multiple nationwide STR markets.

Madi & Skyler

Avid short-term rental investors and educators, Skyler and Madi started hosting back in 2019. What started out as an idea they got from an Uber driver in San Francisco has turned into 6 short-term rentals of their own and a community of over 70,000 people following their journey. Check them out on TikTok!

The KarWells

You might recognize this duo from social media (if not, check them out!). Emily and Sarah have been designing and investing in the STR space for over 3 years. Together they have designed and installed over 50 properties in 7 states, helping hosts increase their ROI through design. Their mission is to help STR investors scale and educate them on the impact design has on ROI, longevity, and guest experience.

Taylor, Acquisition

Taylor is an active short-term rental investor and property manager who mixes in 18 holes of golf whenever possible. He leads our acquisition team and is always on the hunt for a great deal. When he isn’t hunting for new deals or playing golf, he’s dropping serious STR knowledge on his Twitter.

We’re a super-stacked team of actual Superhosts.

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