Hi, we’re Superhost Labs. We work with investors who want cash flow, financial freedom and passive income by investing in short term rentals (STRs), aka Airbnbs. We create fun, profitable experiences, led by our unique tech + data + design approach.

We’re a 100% “Done For You” Service. We help you find and buy your own STR or you can invest directly with us in our Superhost Fund with as little as $25,000.

If you have an existing STR, we can help you design and furnish or manage the property too.

We’re excited to work with you.

STR Investing Made Easy

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Superhost partners from all over the world:

What can we help you with 🤔

Buy a Turnkey STR
aka an “airbnb in a box”

We’ll find, design, furnish and deliver a cash flowing STR to you. 100% Passive.

Invest with Us directly
in our Superhost Fund

You’re invited to invest directly alongside us in the same properties we do.

Design, Brand &
Furnish my STR

Our professionally designed, yet fun experiences crush the competition.

Full Service
Property Management

The kind that doesn’t bug you and uses a tech + human approach.

Learn about STRs
(see the data)

If you’re not sold on STRs yet, see what all the hype is about.

The Repair Lab
aka “help me improve my STR”

If you have an existing STR, ask us how we can help make it better.

Okay, but tell me more…

See Our Work

We all eat with our eyes first. Take a look at the portfolio 👀

About Us

We’re committed to making STRs easy to invest in 🤝