The best real estate investment you can make.

STRs are in Demand.


of STR travelers are under 40, prefer flexible work/life, prioritize experiences in homes vs. hotels and consider themselves avid travelers.

Adoption is Growing (Second Measure)

Market Share is Growing (Second Measure)

Bookings are ticking up (airDNA)

Better Operations = Better Returns (airDNA)

Demand is outpacing Supply

Growth Rate is Increasing (airDNA)

ADRs are Increasing (airDNA)

Revenue is increasing (stayFi)

Nightly rates are increasing (iGMS)

STR travelers are increasing (stayFi)

Domestic Travel is preferred (Home2go)

Rural, domestic destinations are winning (Home2go)

Demand is increasing post pandemic (Rental Scaleup)

Weekly RevPar is increasing (airDNA)

It’s hard to beat the cash flow + equity growth + tax benefits of STRs.

So, we built a better mousetrap.

  • NAcquisition
  • NProperty Management
  • N Clean Design
  • N Professional Photography
  • N Integrated Lending
  • N Tax Optimized
  • NEconomies of Scale
  • N Automated Price Optimization
  • N 24/7 Guest Experience
  • NHosting on Autopilot
  • N Lower CapEX exposure
  • N & More

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